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Basic Information
Real Name: Allura
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Relatives: Sister also named Allura
Abilities: Elemental Sorcery
First Appearance: Super Albo Nembo Kid #43
Created by: Gardener Fox
Mike Sekowsky

Allura is a character that debuted in Super Albo Nembo Kid #43 and was a rogue of the Justice League.


Allura, Mistress of the Dark Elements, is a powerful magic user and the mortal enemy of Zatara who most notably cursed Zatara and his daughter Zatanna, as well as the Homo Magi race in an attempt to make Zatanna's destiny her own. To do this she placed a curse on Zatara whilst Zatanna was still a child that ensured both his death and his daughter's should he ever see her again. To save Zatanna, Zatara left Earth-One on a quest across the various dimensions to find a good counterpart of Allura that would counter the spell.

Years later, upon reaching adulthood, Zatanna (who had never known or understood why her father had abandoned her) undertook a search for him, aided by several of the members of the Justice League. Allura, who despite her imprisonment could still mystically observe goings-on between dimensions, learned of this and tricked Zatanna into freeing her. Allura then brought Zatanna to the magical realm of Kharma, where she knew Zatara had settled as he looked for a way to undo the curse.

Before father and daughter could see each other, though, Zatanna was warned of what would happen by the good Allura, who offered to help defeat her sister. The evil Allura unleashed hordes of magical warriors against them, and Zatanna summoned magical duplicates of the Justice League members she had befriended to aid in the battle. At long last, the evil Allura was defeated and imprisoned once more, and the curse was removed, allowing Zatara and his daughter to be reunited.

However, Allura managed to escape to menace Zatanna again, but was once again defeated, and seemingly destroyed. With supernatural beings, of course, this is not necessarily the end, and it is more than possible that the evil Allura will someday resurface.