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Doctor Mist is a powerful magic-user, known as the wizard-king of Kor in Africa. Through exposure to the Pillar of Life he gained immortality. He is the founder of the Global Guardians, and later started another team called the Leymen.


In his original incarnation, Doctor Mist once held formidable power from the Stone of Life, bolstering his sorcerous powers and could perform magical feats such as object transmutation, teleportation, and cast illusions as well as immortality. After losing much power from the Flame of Life, he retained only a small connection to it, giving him minor magical powers compared to before, and retained his immortality. The more recent versions of Doctor Mist retains his immortality but possess the natural ability to initiate magic at a more formidable level sufficient enough to reflect the backwards-casting spells cast by Zatanna Zatara. He could also perform other magical feats including creating bolts of magical lightning, create wards, and teleport.

In other media[]

  • Doctor Mist made a cameo in the Powerless NBC series, he appears on the cover of the magazine of a fictional company called "Phemon".