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Basic Information
Real Name: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Human-Dragon Hybrid
Abilities: Pyromancy
First Appearance: Zatanna Volume 3 Issue 1
Created by: Paul Dini
Stéphane Roux

Ember is a fire controlling dragon gestating in a human body and villain of Zatanna.


An underling of Brother Night, Ember is hotheaded and she can spew fire. She first encountered Zatanna when she visited Brother Night's demonic club. Ember leter demonstrated her fiery potential when she orders a local drug peddler named Willie to recognize Brother Night as the supernatural crime kingpin of San Francisco. Willie refused to acknowledge Ember because he assumed Ember was a delusional crack whore that was acting on behalf of her pimp. Ember dodges Willie's blade and gives him a burning kiss which scorches him from the inside out. Zatanna defeats Ember when she uses a spell that causes Ember to only spew out water instead of fire.