Basic Information
Real Name: Fuseli
Gender: Male
Race: Daemon
Abilities: Magic
First Appearance: Zatanna Volume 3 Issue 1
Created by: Paul Dini
Stéphane Roux

Fuseli is a dream shaping demon and villain of Zatanna.


A subservient of Brother Night, Fuseli was sent by him to trap Zatanna in an unending nightmare. Fuseli enters Zatanna's dream and chases her across her dreams, stabbing her in the arm with a knife. Zatanna fights Fuseli, but Fuseli gets the upper hand. Suddenly, Zatanna gets a phone call from Dale Colton, and she awakens. However, Fuseli also attacks her in the real world.

Zatanna casts a spell that causes all sleepers to dream of Fuseli, thus thwarting him. As Fuseli leaves a lingering shadow in every nightmare he creates, Zatanna's spell is forcefully sending him to all of his nightmares, effectively tearing him apart. Fuseli admits defeat and begs for mercy, so Zatanna reverses the spell and seals Fuseli inside her hat.

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