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For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite
General Information
Series: Hawkman
Issue Number: 4
First Published: November 1986
Publication Order
Preceded by
Hawkman #3
Followed by
Hawkman #5

Hawkman #4 is a Hawkman title that featured Zatanna


For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite[]

Hawkman and Hawkwoman host the Fifth Annual Festival of Flight, an aeronautic show put on by the Midway Museum to raise money for aviation scholarships. Displayed at this festival are a full-size working model of a pterosaur created by Saul Ready, and the Golden Eagle, an archaeological treasure uncovered the year before by archaeologist Ed Dawson. Zatanna magically appears to visit her old friends, and commiserates over the loss of their secret identities, while Batman's old foe, the Kite-Man, plots the theft of the Golden Eagle.

While Zatanna performs her stage act, Kite-Man causes a distraction by remote-controlling the pterosaur via a previously planted device, while his accomplice Andrew grabs the statue. Leaving his hapless comrade on the ground, he makes off with the bird while Hawkman and Hawkwoman must contend with the runaway dinosaur model. Kite-Man had reckoned without Zatanna, however, and she changes his bullets into flowers, and sends him plummeting to Earth, while Hawkman and Hawkwoman save both the flying model and panicking festival attendees. Meanwhile, Joe Tracy and Coral Shilak plot revenge on the Winged Wonders with the help of Mavis Trent's father.