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Zatanna's Search
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General Information
Series: JLA Special
Issue Number: 1
First Published: January 2004
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Zatanna's Search was a special one off issue Zatanna comic.


Because of the way the story was written and sprinkled throughout various titles, even careful readers might have missed the fact that it introduced a brand new character. Various headlining heroes are shown to be quite willing to help Zatanna on her quest, so it's easy to assume that she was already an established character before the outset of this story. She wasn't.

It's possible that other characters are reacting to Zatanna matter-of-factly because of her father. Giovanni "John" Zatara had been a famous stage magician in the DC Universe within the lifetimes of the other DC characters. Thus, meeting his daughter would've been more like meeting a celebrity than a stranger. Indeed, some readers might have still been familiar with Zatara, as he had only been absent for about 13 years from the pages of DC comics.

It is the timing of Zatara's "disappearing act" that is of particular interest to the careful modern reader. Zatanna is described as having been on her Zatara quest "for years" when the story opens. Indeed, it's implied that she didn't have her father around for most of her childhood. Given her apparent age, the logical inference is that he went missing shortly after his last Golden Age appearance. Since the story was largely penned by the architect of the multiverse, Gardner Fox, it's interesting to note that the multiverse is in no way used to explain away Zatara's reintroduction to the Silver Age DCU. Instead, the story establishes, both with its narrative and its editorial notes, that the Zatara from Action Comics is the same man as the one Zatanna was looking for in this arc.


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