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The Lords of Order are higher beings of great mystical power that represent order. Prior to the reality-altering events of Flashpoint, the Lords of Order acted as avatars of the concept of stagnation during the Ninth Age of Magic. Dedicating their nearly unlimited power to empowering mortal agents, they act as a deterrent to the Lords of Chaos in a constant struggle for universal supremacy.

Due to the reality-altering events of Flashpoint, the Lords of Order's nature changed; Once a group of sorcerer-kings, they discovered a source of raw magic powerful enough to decay their physical bodies but became mystical beings composed of energy. Taking it upon themselves to govern this raw magic, they defend reality against the Lords of Chaos, warring over how to govern said raw magic.

List of agents

Periodically, the Lords of Order choose agents to act on their behalf, sometimes endowing them with special powers and responsibilities. In some cases, agents are even chosen by force. The most prominent example are those whom hold the mantle of Doctor Fate.

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