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Basic Information
Real Name: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Abilities: Magic
First Appearance: Phantom Stranger #10
Created by: Gerry Conway
Jim Aparo

Tannarak is a powerful sorcerer who has crossed paths with Zatanna on many an occasion.


Tannarak was born over a century ago. Born in England, but living from an early age in Egypt, he and his childhood friend Dianna once stole fruity from a market stall. The fruit dealer caught up with the boy and as a punishment made him look upon the body of a corpse. From that moment onward. Tannarak was obsessed with death, and sought any means to avoid his own demise.

Tannarak's life was saved by strange beings who desired him to found a society based on evil. Since that time, Tannarak has sought power and immortality by various sinister means, but has been consistently foiled by the Phantom Stranger. For a time, Tannarak joined the organization known as the Dark Circle, an organization of evil mystics working for the mysterious Tala. Tannarak teamed up with the Phantom Stranger to overcome Tala when she released the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse on the Earth.

When disturbing dreams bother Zatanna she seeks information about the dreams from Tannarak. They encounter each other for the first time and eventually, Zatanna becomes enemies with him. Tannarak makes a brief appearance in San Francisco at Club Bewitched on Haight St. Tannarak welcomes John Constantine to the club and after taunting Constantine on his failed relationship with Zatanna, Tannarak introduces Constantine to Nimue Ravensong.