Zatanna and The Magic Wiki
Basic Information
Real Name: Zachary Zor
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Abilities: Magic
First Appearance: More Fun Comics #55
Created by: Jerry Siegel
Bernard Baily

Zachary Zor (AKA the Terrible Time Tailor) is an antagonist who has crossed Zatanna.


Outside of time and space, there is a secret order of angels who work to keep the fabric of reality fresh and vibrant. However, one of them, named Zor, tried to rebel against the others, and he came to the real world to try to tear it all down. Laying the foundations, he altered reality to create the threat of the Sheeda.

After this, his activity is unknown. He is known to have fought The Spectre and the Newsboys of Nowhere Street, but his activities since then are unknown. Eventually, he planned to destroy the efforts of the Seven Unknown Men with the Sheeda. Ultimately, however, he was fought by Zatanna at Slaughter Swamp, where she outmaneuvered him. He was captured by the Seven Unknown Men, and was enmeshed in the origin of Solomon Grundy: he was made to look like Cyrus Gold and was lynched by a mob.


  • Magic: Zor has a vast array of mystical powers, and is shown to rival those of The Spectre and Zatanna.